If you don’t ask…



What exactly is it ?

The VISTADAIS ONE is a one bedroom ‘off grid’ accommodation suite, specially designed for the hospitality industry. It can sleep 4 people comfortably and is therefore ideal as a family room.

What do you mean by ‘off grid’?

Our definition of ‘off grid’ is that the VISTADAIS ONE can autonomously provide electricity, heating, running water and waste management. VISTADAIS ONE does not need to be ‘plugged in’ to existing utilities, it can function as a standalone structure.

Will i need planning permission?

The conservative answer is yes, however all circumstances are different and unique. We will be able to provide a more comprehensive answer once we are aware of the exact intended location. If planning permission is required we will manage the process on your behalf.  

How much is it ?

The price for the ‘box’ and legs ranges from £100k - £150k, depending on finish and features. This also includes an initial site visit, planning advice & guidance on location and installation, as well as one years maintenance. Further to the site visit a cost can be accurately ascertained for the delivery and installation.

How big is it?

The VISTADAIS ONE unit is 38.5㎡ (10x3.8x3.3).

What do i get included in the VISTADAIS ONE?

The VISTADAIS ONE is a one bedroom suite, that includes bath/shower, twin sinks, toilet, light fittings, electrical sockets, fridge, ceiling, wall & floor finishes, exterior finishes. 

What is not included?

Loose furniture, soft furnishings and accessories are not included.

Can we supply these as well?

Yes we can supply a good, better & best selection of interior fixtures and fittings for an additional cost.

Are other VISTADAIS models available?

There will be a VISTADAIS ONE PLUS available late 2019, this is essentially the same as the VISTADAIS ONE but with in built cooking facilities. There will also be a VISTADAIS TWO, a 48.7㎡ two bedroom version.

Can one change the interior finishes?

Yes, there are a number of interior finishes that we can offer.

Can one change the exterior facade?

Yes, there are a number of exterior facade finishes that we can offer. 

Once sited can the VISTADAIS ONE be moved?

Yes, because of its unique sub-structural design the VISTADAIS ONE can literally be ‘unplugged’ from its foundations and then be craned to another location and subsequently ‘replugged’. 

So is it a non- permanent structure?

Yes, it is a non permanent structure.

Can the VISTADAIS ONE be placed on a slope?

Yes, it has been designed to be placed on uneven topography.

What is the VISTADAIS ONE life expectancy?

The main carcass of VISTADAIS ONE is constructed of recycled material, which has a life expectancy of 60 years. We can therefore confidently state that with regular maintenance VISTADAIS ONE will last for over 30 years. 

Can i lease a VISTADAIS ONE?

Yes, further details can be provided upon request, this will be through a third party leasing agent.

Can i buy a VISTADAIS ONE on finance?

Yes, further details can be provided upon request. 

Where is it made?

VISTADAIS ONE is designed and made in the UK. 

What is the lead time?

3 months